Yamaha Nouvo Elegance 135cc


Well, I have been riding my Yamaha Nouvo since August, 2004. I have driven nearly 30,000 km on it, mostly in Saigon but I have made many trips to Bien Hoa and the Mekong Delta. I actually got the first Yamaha Nouvo model but but just 3 months later, the Nouvo II was released in Vietnam. This proved to be one of the most successful Nouvo models here in Saigon. Back in August, 2004, I had one of the few Nouvos in the city. By the summer of 2005, the Nouvo IIs were everywhere.

Last year the Nouvo III started selling in Saigon. They are just as popular as the original two models. The Honda Click, and later, the Air Blade were released to compete with the Nouvo. Suzuki released the 125cc Hayate which looks more like a Nouvo rip-off. Still, all three scooter models are very popular in the city.

I just read that Yamaha has started selling a 135cc Yamaha Nouvo Elegance in Thailand. That means that roughly in December, based on past experience, the Nouvo Elegance will be sold in Saigon (New models are normally introduced before the New Year at a higher price).

Since my motorbike is beginning to show it’s age, I will probably replace my Nouvo I with the Nouvo Elegance. The reviews stated that it actually gets better gas mileage then the venerable Air Blade.

Yamaha Nouvo Elegance

Yamaha Nouvo Elegance


  1. looking fresh man :D…i went back to Vn and my cousin “pimped” out his his motorbike with lights and stuff… maby u should get some decals and put the label “saigoezumi.com” on it 😀 it looks cool + free publicity

  2. Yeah, the newest Nouvo will be popular. Just have to wait though.

    I always always have a decal of Quan Am in the front but good idea. I think I will design my next motorbike to promote my blog.

    By the end of the month, I plan to come up with a new theme for SaigonNezumi.com. I want to go with a Green and Blue color mixture since both are my favorite colors.

  3. I just want to comment on the topic about comparing the Yamaha nouvo elegance with the Honda air blade or vise versa. First of all they should not be compared because the nouvo elegance is much much more powerful than the air blade having a 135cc engine. The nouvo has a larger size wheel that can run 150k/h than the air blade’s 14rim & 100k/h. In fairness to honda’s new discovery, i do like the style especially the wide headlights and the spacious compartment.

    • @jerg: The Nouvo LX and Air Blade should be compared because customers are actually deciding whether they want the LX or Air Blade here in Saigon. Many like the LX because it is more powerful but the Air Blade still is the most popular of the two.

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