Yamaha Nouvo LX


Sorry guys, I guess I need to pay more attention. It turns out that Yamaha Vietnam released the Yamaha Nouvo LX (known as the Nouvo Elegance in Thailand) a couple weeks ago. They are only offering four colors at this time. The colors suggest that the intended customers are middle to upper-middle class drivers.

The Nouvo LX is priced at about 30 million VND ($1840 US). Add another 1 million VND for registration costs.  The obvious price increase for the newest version of this Nouvo is due to a more powerful engine running at 135cc.  It is also water cooled making this motorbike much quieter than it’s predecessors. It is getting great reviews by Expats in Thailand.

Will I replace my aging 2003 Nouvo RC?  With these color options, most likely not.  I will wait until December before the New Year when they always release new motorbikes with alternative color schemes.  I have a huge preference for an all red motorbike.  They are easier to spot by cars 🙂

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Source: Yamaha Vietnam)


  1. I saw the blue one today up close, it is really nice. Again, catered to the, umm, older generation.

    I think you mint the decals, right. For the Nouvo LX above, the black and red in the back is nice but the silver in front, though also nice, will prove a problem in the future. The silver color just does not seem to last long in this country.

  2. @Kyle: Get the Yamaha Nouvo RC, you will love it. It rides very smooth and has more power than the old Nouvos and current Air Blades. I will wait until I hit 2000 km on my motorbike before testing how fast it can go.

    @Derek: Does the 33 million VND include registration fees? If it does, that is a good deal. I paid 31 million VND for my motorbike. Registration fees are around 10 percent of the motorbike now I heard. Cheaper if it is registered outside of HCMC.

    I bought my Yamaha Nouvo RC at the Yamaha Center near the Equatorial Hotel in District 5. I paid 31 million VND. I think they will charge about 33 million VND with registration. I trust them. They have serviced my first Nouvo for nearly 4 years now. My recommendation is to pay a little more and go with them. If you need help, just ask me.

  3. Hi Kev,

    Many thanks, I have dropped in on a few other dealers in the area, and all came up with the same amount so will agree..

    Im off to buy one later today.. any problems with foreigners making purchase and reg?

    Thanks cheers,

  4. You should find someone that you trust who can register your motorbike for you. Their name will go on the receipt and be listed as the owner of the motorbike. Make sure it is someone you really can trust.

    My first attempt at registering my old motorbike was a nightmare. The person tried to take my motorbike since they ‘legally’ owned it.

    Best of luck.

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