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Faster Internet Bandwidth Coming to Vietnam?

The internet bandwidth here in Vietnam definitely makes for a good conversation among Expat and Vietnamese IT guys alike.  It has not been stable for a long time, if it ever was stable that is.  The promised bandwidth never really materializes.  Each month, everybody will claim that VNPT, Netsoft, Viettel or FPT are the best ISP in town.  The reality is that none of these ISP promises what you pay for.

EVN helped fund $30 million US to bring the 3.84 tbit/s Pan-Asia sea cable to Vietnam with exclusive rights to 50 gbps once the line made landfall on June 14th.  Will this bring increased bandwidth to all customers in Vietnam?  For once, I am going to say yes, it will.  Not early on but by the end of the summer, I expect to see increased bandwidth even for home users.

Even though most internet users can be quite negative about their ISPs, the reality is that for the last year, they have been maintaining some level of bandwidth for all users.  With FPT, I do average about 760 kbps per day now for the last 2 months.  Yeah I pay for a 2.5 mbps line but right now, the 760 kbps will suffice and it does increase at night again when most users go to bed.

That is just my opinion though 🙂

Read more about the new Asia-Pacific sea cable here –>


6 comments on “Faster Internet Bandwidth Coming to Vietnam?”

  1. Clifton

    Depending on your ISP here in HCMC, accessing might not be possible. I believe that that site may have been blocked due to, perhaps, “political” reasons! I get the following screen when using the link you proffered.

    Client Error: URL requested was filtered.

    Your request cannot be serviced due to access restrictions. Please contact your System Administrator for further details

  2. Clifton

    What does this (“In DOS, try pinging the address to see the packet loss.”) mean, if anything, to a MacBook user?

    In the evenings, when I can access the internet by Wifi from nearby hotels who utilize a different ISP than the one used by the owner of “my” guest house, I am able to load the intellasia.net site.

    There has been quite a bit of controversy, I believe, about the alleged persecution of the Australian & Vietnamese operators of this site by elements of the VN government. Google “intellasia.net” and Vietnam, if you dare, to learn more about this issue…

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    OMG! Then in a terminal window, search for it, you can ping the web address for packet loss. ping http://www.yahoo.com for example. You can also do tracerout to get an idea of what the packet routing is. That is how we find out what is wrong with the internet in Vietnam.

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