HTC Touch Cruise Wows – Can’t wait for Android


Okay, I tried to make my first blog entry from my HTC Touch Cruise pda tonight at the Nice Cafe in District 1.  Well, I failed thanks to the horrible Windows Mobile 6 operating system.  Ever since I bought my HTC Touch Cruise a couple months ago, I have not been happy.  It is so slow, I have to reboot it once every couple of days.  When I was trying to post the entry from Nice Cafe today, my phone froze.  It has been a long time since I had anything like this happen to me.

I am not going to switch phones though.  I actually like the HTC Touch Cruise itself.  There is an active community porting Android to this phone as we speak.  I will wait a couple months to make sure it is more stable.  Once Android is fully functioning on the Touch Cruise with the GPS working, I can see myself using this phone for a couple of years.  For me, the interface is much nicer than the iPhone.

In the meantime, I plan to test Android on my Nokia N800 internet tablet.  Android runs as a virtual machine so it will not do any harm to my N800, I hope 🙂

I still got my iPhone, decided I did not really want to part with it just yet.  My Motorola e6 Rokr Linux phone is still being used.  I can never part with this phone either 🙂


  1. In order to use the GPS, dont you need some sort of a data plan with your carrier. From wat im told, Mobi and Vina dont have data plans, or that its very expensive because they dont have unlimited data plans. Or were you planning to use wifi while using the gps?

  2. Kevin, you want me to bring you an OpenMoko FreeRunner when I come in August? Hopefully they will have been distributed by then. $400. Maybe 10% less because I think we have enough people buying in San Diego to get a group discount.

    Kyle: GPS just uses the satellites in the sky. No data service needed.

  3. Then will there be a service charge? similar to what Nokia does with the n95, its like 10$ per month…. or will the gps feature on android be free.

  4. @Tracy: I think I will wait a year or two on the OpenMoko. I want one in the future with a GPS.

    @Kyle: I am not sure what the plans are. I use wifi on my mobile phone to check my emails. GPRS when no wifi is available but it is relatively inexpensive.

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