Vi’s 21st Birthday


Last week my Web Content Editor, Vi Truong, celebrated her 21st birthday with her friends and I at Gloria Jean’s Coffee in District 1 of Saigon. It was an interesting party, Two of her high school friends joined us. Mario Behling from FOSS-Bridge was in town so he also joined us for this party. Her birthday cake was very delicious.

Vi joined Vscapeone last January helping me with some content editing for two website projects I am working on for the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation. Vi will also translate the Vscapeone website in Vietnamese for me. Some may also be surprised to find out that Vi is helping translate Truveo‘s video search website into Vietnamese as well. Truveo is a well known IT company in the US that was bought out by AOL several years ago. I introduced Vi to one of the founders of Truveo, Adam Beguelin, who had lived in Saigon at the time.

Anyway, here are a couple pictures from Vi’s party:

Vscapeone's Vi Truong

(A picture shot of Vi and I at Gloria Jean’s)

Vscapeone's Vi Truong

(Vi’s Birthday Cake)

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