Yamaha Nouvo RC Available in Vietnam


I dropped by the Yamaha Service Center and noticed some new color scheme Nouvos.  Sure enough, Yamaha Vietnam just released the Nouvo RC (I ride a 2003 Nouvo RC).  I was a bit surprised since the RCs are normally released about a month or two before Tet due to their popularity (probably because the Nouvo LX offered some horrible color schemes).

Since two people have offered to buy my old Nouvo, I am considering upgrading to the 2008 Nouvo RC.  It meets EURO2 emission standards, gets better gas mileage, and goes a lot faster on it’s 135cc engine (previous Nouvos are 115cc).

The Nouvo RC is clearly the competitor for the Honda Air Blade.  Fortunately, the Nouvo, with higher ground clearance, it a more suited motorbike for Vietnam with those high street curbs.

The Nouvo RC sells for about 29,500,000 VND ($1745 US).

Yamaha Nouvo RC


  1. Thinking of buying one, but dealers TRYING to take me for “ride”, last qoute “33M”??

    I seen on the dealers page priced; (RC@25.7M, Limited@26M & LX@29,2M)

    Any suggestions for good dealers in HCMC, mail me???


  2. @Carlo: Normally I think they sell the new Yamaha scooters in the Philippines before Vietnam. This time around, the Vietnamese market got the newest Nouvo just a couple months after being introduced in the Thai market.

    Expect it shortly, I think they are available in Malaysia.

    It is a great bike, feels much different than the older Nouvos. Much more power too 🙂

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