Pink Notice from EVN


I hate EVN sometimes.

Yesterday the EVN guy gave my house the ‘Pink’ notice.  Normally you get a pink notice after you have missed the deadline of the ‘green’ notice.  You get a green notice when you have missed the deadline of the previous month’s electricity bill.

I never got my electricity bill nor green notice because, well, the EVN guy never delivered them to my house.  Even more strange, the pink notice was dated July 1st by this same guy who filled out of the notice in front of my house late yesterday afternoon.

The July 1st dated pink notice which I received late afternoon on July 2nd stated I had two days to pay my entire electricity bill in full or I would incur a late fine.  Really!

So I paid my electricity bill today without incurring a late fee.

Can you guess why the EVN guy stopped bringing my electricity bill and green notice this month?