Gentoo Linux 2008.0 Released Today!


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    This is big news if you are a fan of Gentoo Linux such as I am.  Though I have used Unix and Linux for about a year before trying Gentoo back in September, 2003, Gentoo was the one Linux distro that got me to switch fully to a Linux environment.  Gentoo forced you to learn how to do things in the command line.  Completing a Gentoo installation itself was considered a major feat in the Linux community even today.  I still recommend those wanting to learn how to use Linux to try Gentoo first.

    From Vscapeone News:

    Gentoo Linux 2008.0 code named, “It’s got what plants crave,” was released today. A list of features include “…an updated installer, improved hardware support, a complete rework of profiles, and a move to Xfce instead of GNOME on the LiveCD…” (from Gentoo website)

    You can download a Gentoo LiveCD installer from the following URI:

    About Gentoo Linux

    From Distrowatch: Gentoo Linux is a versatile and fast, completely free Linux distribution geared towards developers and network professionals. Unlike other distros, Gentoo Linux has an advanced package management system called Portage. Portage is a true ports system in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and sports a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, “fake” (OpenBSD-style) installs, safe unmerging, system profiles, virtual packages, config file management, and more.