Asians getting fatter? :-)


Interesting, today there are two news reports about Asians getting overweight.  The BBC published a news report today mentioning that one out of four Chinese adults were overweight.  In Vietnam, the rate of obesisty among the Vietnamese is about 16 percent.

Both the BBC and Thanh Nien News attribute the rise of obesisty to the rise of economic development and the decrease of physical activity by both Chinese and Vietnamese.

I found it very interesting.  Now I can get my four years of pent up revenge against my Vietnamese students and friends by calling them ‘FAT’! 🙂


  1. @Huynh: Troi oi! 🙂

    @Huong: I went by SaigonTech last night but nobody was there. He is too big for my motorbike now 🙂

    @Preya: I think they used the body fat index. I agree with the article, I think many of my students would be considered obese now. Some are just alright fat. I think this can be overcome temporarily by opening up the sidewalks so we can actually walk on them.

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