Amazing Thursday Morning Bandwidth


I was using pacman to update my Arch Linux Desktop this morning.  As it was downloading OpenOffice, I was shocked to see how fast the downloads were.  The average was roughly in the low 200s KB/s but I would see short spikes to 600 KB/S and then to 700 KB/s.  It went has high as 1100 KB/s which was something I had not seen for a couple years.

I headed to Speakeasy which tested my current download speeds at 1717 kb/s on the Seattle server.

Sometimes you can get these early morning spikes for bandwidth.  The best times are normally between 6-8 AM on weekdays when everybody begins to head to work 🙂

OpenOffice ended up downloading in less 3 minutes, the whole binary package.  That never happens very often here.

I think this could be a small sign that the internet infracture may be getting better here.  Then again, I have said that many times in the past 🙂


  1. I suppose it depends upon where in the city or country your internet feed is — out in Q. Tan Binh where I work, the bandwidth is terrible because there are so many software developers out here hogging the bandwidth. I get much better service back home in Q. Phu Nhuan.
    — Mel

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