Your ‘OLD’ iPhones could increase in value inside Vietnam, thanks to Apple


    Thank you Apple!!! 🙂  Because of your new requirements that buyers must unlock their iPhones at the ATT Store or your Apple Stores, it will be more difficult to bring the new iPhones to Vietnam.  Furthermore, rumors suggest that each new iPhone could cost up to $1000 US due to supply and demand bringing the cost out of reach for many average mobile users.  That’s how business is down in Vietnam.

    In short, you have, thankfully, increased the value of my 4 Gig iPhone barely 9 months old.  About a month ago, I may have been able to sell it for just $200 US.  Now some of my students and friends say that in the upcoming months, I should be able to sell it for nearly $400-500 US.  There will be a flood of ‘USED’ iPhones making their way from the US and France to Vietnam.

    Thank you again Apple 🙂


    1. I don’t see how the introduction of the 3G iPhone will lead to anything but a *decrease* in the price of the original 2G phone from current price levels.

      2G iPhone prices will fall: for the 2G iPhone, supply will increase, and demand will decline. The 2G iPhone has not been available through any retail outlet for more than two months now. So supply has been strictly fixed already. There has been a high US demand and foreign demand for used iPhones recently because there has been no alternative supply. Not only has that ended in the US with the introduction of the 3G iPhone, but also in a wide range of other countries iPhones are now available through retail channels for the first time (Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, etc.). Also, with the introduction of the 3G model, many more of the five million or so existing iPhone users will sell their old phones to buy new ones. The only remaining strong demand for old iPhone will remain in “left out” countries like Vietnam, and by the small US unlocked phone market. In countries like Vietnam, owning an iPhone has never been a price conscious decision, but rather a cool status symbol; having an out of date used 2G iPhone will not appeal to that segment, so even in Vietnam we may see people paying what it takes to get 3G iPhones.

    2. Get a life man 🙂 Anyway, I disagree 🙂 I get my info from the sources, the kids who will buy the iPhones. None of them are willing to pay $1000 US for a 3G iPhone and these guys can afford it.

      What you are seeing with this age group is more of an interest to the Blackberry phones which surprised me. Hard to predict what the kids want here 🙂

    3. Still, it is the service plan that will raise the cost of the 3G iPhone even here in Saigon. Down in New Zealand, there are reports of 3G iPhones being bought for $1200 US.

      Just wait and see, who knows, in 3 months there could be a bunch of 3G iPhones here 🙂

    4. For AT&T in the US, to get the 3G Iphone, I believe new user have to sign in for new 2 years contract with the lowest rate is 70 dollars every month. And 3G only available in some of the bigger cities.

      I heard it is even worst in Europe where vodafone is raping everyone who signed up with them for the new 3G Iphone.

      Is there 3G in Saigon yet?

    5. I hear that there will be 3G in Saigon but I do not expect the service to be great. There is still not enough bandwidth for the regular user yet. I am using GPRS when wifi is not available.

      3G iPhones will make it to Vietnam, I say within the month. The cost will be quite high though. Breaking contracts will be costly but I think some people will find a way. I would probably have a friend JUST lose their iPhone, that way they can get a replacement and I can get the ‘stolen’ one 🙂

    6. I just brought the 3G works great but I need to get rid of my 2G iPhone.

      Can I sell in Vietnam? I will come Vietnam soon. Also I have a good Chinese made phone that’s capable of everything the Iphone has plus TV BUT NOT 3G, only 2.95 GPRS you must see to believe. The N991 smartphone a knockoff of the Nokia 98 phone. Works great.

      Would i be able to get GPRS in Vietnam?


    7. You can sell your old iPhones here. Not sure how much since I found out they already unlocked the 3G iPhones here. My students still say you can sell it at the original price.

      GPRS works here. I use it all the time. When you get your sim card, have the mobile phone shop register GPRS for you, it is free.

    8. Thanks for your reply. The GPRS not sure how this works. If I buy in vietnam can i use it in U.S.A.? Would i need separate simm card for GPRS.
      i have a two simm phone.


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