New Theme – Finally!!!


    Finally I found a new theme that works with over two years worth of blog postings.  It was not easier than I thought.  Originally I wanted to use Preya‘s theme.  Unfortunately the formats of my posts were so messed up, I knew it would take hours to fix.  Not an option for me.

    I played with several themes before selecting Ayumi.  It is a nice three-column theme that I was looking for.  I really like the green colors (Green is my favorite color).  I will edit this theme in the future.  Actually, I already started.  I want to add some more plug-ins which currently do not work with this theme such as Emailing posts or Printing posts.

    I will add Google’s Adsense and some advertisements as well.  Time to generate some cash for this blog, eh? 🙂  Well for testing purposes that is…


    1. Kev–I really like it. It’s clean and bright. I’m still not 100% happy with mine, but I think I will wait to make any changes. I still don’t know exactly what I’ll be blogging about once I move. But good job…it’s looks great!

    2. Kev–I’m going to stick with it, but I want to modify it to display more categories (food, literature, etc) on the front page. I also notice that not all my visitors are clicking through to see the entire main post…I know why because I do this too. I am more likely to read a post if it’s displayed in its entirety on the front page…so I need to change that and some other things.

    3. I will manually edit my categories with the sidebar and themes (functions) templates. I do not like how it is ordered here.

      You can edit the templates to your liking.

      Most of your readers are probably reading your blog through Google Reader or its equivalent. Most hate to read excerpts I noticed.

      I added Google Adsense and embedded some YouTube posts, now I have to spend a couple hours fixing the XHTML with this theme 🙁

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