I love Uzbek Music


    I fell in love with Uzbek music when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kazakhstan.  My Peace Corps site, Karatau, was only a couple hours from the border with Uzbekistan.  There was a strong Uzbek influence in southern Kazakhstan.

    Thanks to YouTube, I have been able to watch Uzbek music videos again.  I really missed them.  Below is a nice Uzbek song sung by Shahzoda, a famous Uzbek pop singer.  Oddly enough, I find myself listening to more Uzbek and Kazakh songs here in Vietnam than Vietnamese songs.  Explains why I cannot learn Vietnamese 🙁


    1. Vietnamese is a far more complex language than English in my opinion. It didn’t take me long (4 or 5 years) to learn English yet I cant fathom how long it will take for me to learn Vietnamese if it wasn’t my native language.

      You will get better with time though, may be bribe one of your student into teaching you Vietnamese?

    2. For me, the problem with the Vietnamese language is that it is tonal. I cannot hear many of the tones. I had this problem when studying Russian as well. My Russian teacher told me that I was tone death.

      For me, always felt Kazakh was very difficult myself 🙂

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