Best Saigon Coffee Shops

Soho Coffee – Tan Binh District

A new Soho Coffee shop opened up near house.  I just noticed it last night when I headed home from a late night ride from District 12.  I was riding down Ut Thich Street, not far from the Cong Hoa Street Maximark, when I saw this coffee shop.  It must have opened recently since I had not noticed before.

The design is similar to the Soho Coffee shop on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street.  The service was pretty good but you can tell they just opened.  Not many customers.

It is a perfect location for a new coffee shop.  Ut Thich street has been widened and repaved with new developments.  I expect the old coffee shops to be renovated and turned into more classy coffee shops.  It is located in a very quiet area so expect many new customers, and buyers, on this street in the near future.

(Saigon Soho Coffee - Tan Binh District)

(Saigon Soho Coffee - Tan Binh District)

(Saigon Soho Coffee - Tan Binh District)

(Saigon Soho Coffee - Tan Binh District)

2 comments on “Best Saigon Coffee Shops”

  1. Doanthuc

    You are right. Soho coffee shop on Ut Tich is very good. This is the new branch of Soho on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street.

    I love your new theme, green is very delicate to look at.

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    I expect a lot of good things for Ut Tich street. It could be the next Le Ton Thanh street 🙂

    Thanks, I like this theme. I just keep having to edit the xHTML to make it validate 🙁

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