Gender Imbalance Warnings in Vietnam


Preferences for boys in the Vietnamese society has created a gender imbalance according to this article by Thanh Nien News:

Gender imbalance alarm bells ringing

A similar problem is occuring in China.  Some reports suggested that Chinese men are marrying women with physical disabilities to cope with the lack of women there.

Currently in Vietnam, there are 100 females for every 112 males.  Quite a low figure.  The foreigner Expat male population could also make it more difficult for Vietnamese men to find wives as well.

Will this create an increase of Vietnamese males marrying Cambodian or Laotian women?


  1. And in China wealthier families are paying to have little girls kidnapped so that they can raise them and then have them marry their sons when they’re old enough. No joke…I saw this in a documentary called “The Lost Children of China.” The wealthy will find a way even if it is to the detriment of everyone else. One sociologist believes that the reason middle eastern men are more prone to violence-based theology is that they–especially the poorer males–have very little chance of finding a mate because wealthier men monopolize up to 4 women each in these polygamous societies. The promise of virgins in the afterlife is even more alluring in such cases. In any case, it’s terrible that these societies have dug themselves into a whole due to illogical, sexist practices.

  2. I heard Chinese men are coming to Vietnam looking for wives as well. We know about the Taiwanese and Korean men looking for wives here as well.

    Just curious to see what will happen in the near future here. Will there be a backlash of sorts???

  3. I think as the younger generation of Viet Nam grow up, having a son or daughter isn’t matter much.

    When I was young, there are some families won’t stop giving birth until they have a son. It is more to do with the grandparent who want to have grandson to continue the bloodline, so they keep up the pressure.

  4. It takes a long time still for VNese society to get rid of that backward thinking of favouring boys over girls. So as an individual, let try to take any chances possible to raise the issue up and make a change! Influence urself down, up and out:D

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