Vietnamese Teacher kicks, umm, butt


Here is a very amusing, yet heart inspiring, story from the VietnamNet Bridge newsite about a Vietnamese school teacher who fought over 40 criminals, thieves, robbers, etc., in Vietnam.  In one instance, she even fought and tied up 3 robbers who stopped her bus while the 22 males on the bus looked on.

Granted, she is not an ordinary school teacher.  She has practived martial arts since a child for 27 years, an amaing feat.

Unfortunately, tackling criminals is actually not the smartest thing to do in Vietnam.  Just a couple months ago in the Tan Binh District, not far from my house, two men confronted a would be thief.  The thief came back to one of the men’s home and put the guy in the hospital.

Still, Ms. Nguyen Thi Loan should be give a lot of praises in trying to fight crime.

Vietnamese teacher fights crime - Source:VietnamNet Bridge
Vietnamese teacher fights crime - Source:VietnamNet Bridge


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