Storm from Hell


Sorry, no pictures, just words for this post.  I meant to get some pictures of the storm but things turned into chaos in a short period of time.

The storm hit other parts of Saigon first late afternoon, I started noticing some power fluctuations in my house.  Then the power went out.  About 30 minutes later, the storm hit.  It started out as light rain and then came the downpour which was quite loud.  One minute I could hear the loud kitten crying outside, next it was the rain.

It then turned into a deluge and the wind picked up.  I decided to bring my dog in from the terrace.  As I got up to the terrace, I saw the water rushing down the stairs.  For some odd reason, my landlord decided to build this house with an uncovered terrace that had only ONE small drain.  The drain backed up and the water rushed underneath the door.

The water also came through the windows of the door and through the bigger terrace window (the wind was blowing the rain towards the house and window).  After I let my dog in, I grabbed some towels to plug the bottom crack of the door.  It was funny, my dog was grabbing the towels for herself so I had to smack her on her behind.

Then I heard the windows pounding in my laundryroom on the top floor about the terrace.  I had to open them completeing so they would not flap in the wind.  As I was doing that, I noticed my dog relieaving herself on the stairs with the water still leaking downstairs.  I said no and threw an empty laundry basket at her.  Too late, it dripped towards my room so the second floor stairs now smells like dog urine.


I mopped the stairs and then headed out to Texas BBQ for dinner.  When I came home, the power had returned and had to deal with another consequence of the storm, my computer.

Someone during the power fluctuations before it finally went out, my hard disk which contained grub (my boot loader) became corrupted.  Not sure why but I had to chroot back into my Arch Linux partition and use grub-install to reinstall grub.  It worked 🙂

Anyway, that ends my long afternoon storm saga.  Sorry no pictures.  If my upstairs had not been flooded, I would have gotten some pictures 🙂


  1. I miss the rain in Saigon too – all we ever get here is grey drizzle – nothing like a flash flood in Saigon.. there was a guy near my friend’s house who always went up on the roof with shampoo for an invigorating shower!

    Where’s the photo of the river taken from on your blog, Kevin? Looks nice!

  2. Well, the last week I sure missed the dry season. I have been unable to wash my motorbike. It is tempting for me to wash it now since it is sunny 🙂

    The photo was taken at District 2 (An Phu) at a nice outside coffee shop.

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