Flashed latest Nokia OS2008 image on my N800


    Just flashed the latest Nokia OS2008 image on my N800 Internet Tablet.  This is supposed to be the last image N800/810 users will need to flash on their tablets.  Future versions of OS2008 will be upgraded without the need to flash.  It is good news since it does get a bit tiring having to reinstall software after each flash.

    There are currently a lot of software available for the OS2008 from the Maemo website: http://maemo.org/downloads/OS2008/. I want to run LAMP on my tablet if possible.  Apache is available but I am not sure about MySQL and PHP.

    OS2008 runs a version of Debian.  When I SSH’d into my N800, I noticed that apt-get works for some of the software.  Only one person can SSH into the tablet at a time, I will need to make some configuration changes.  I can see the N800/810, along with the iPhone, being great mobile web servers.

    A trial of Android can run in a virtual machine in my Nokia N800 as well.  Unfortunately, since the N800 does not have a keyboard, you can only run it for show.  Touchscreen functionality has not been added yet though someone seems to be working on it at the moment.  I have to review the forum to see if there was an update.

    Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
    Nokia N800 Internet Tablet