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Mon Hue Restaurant

Okay, I have a new favorite restaurant now.  I am a big fan of Hue food here in Vietnam so finding any new Hue restaurant is always a good feat.  My friend and I found Mon Hue Restaurant quite by accident today.  We were riding down Hai Ba Trung looking for small restaurant when a downpour hit suddenly.  We were passing Mon Hue just as it hit so naturally, instead of being wet (we had no rain ponchos) we stopped there for lunch.

Wow, what a good catch.  We ordered quite a bit of food and oddly enough, it was enough for me.  The serving proportions were actually good.  My bowl of Com Hen was enough for me with all the extras.  I think I was eating a little to fast since it was so good 🙂

I finished the meal off with a Sinh To Dau (strawberry shake). Total bill, 148,000 VND for two people.  Not bad for Hue food.

Saigon Mon Hue Restaurant
Saigon Mon Hue Restaurant
Saigon Mon Hue Restaurant
Saigon Mon Hue Restaurant
Saigon Mon Hue Restaurant
Com Hen - Mon Hue Restaurant
Saigon Mon Hue Restaurant
Friendly Staff at Mon Hue Restaurant

Mon Hue Restaurant has 5 locations in Saigon:

  1. 12 3/2 St., Ward 12, District 10
  2. 10 An Duong Vuong St., Ward 9, District 5
  3. 302 Hai Ba Trung St., Ward Tan Dinh, District 1
  4. 98 Nguyen Trai Street, Ward Ben Thanh, District 1
  5. 7 Cao Thang Street, Ward 2, District 3

I think I will become a weekly regular, if not biweekly, to Mon Hue.


  1. “?ào” is peach. Strawberry is “dâu”, sounds like “Yo”. From the pictures, I couldn’t make out what is what. But from your description and enthusiasm, they all sound yummy.

  2. Ah, you like Hue food uh? I do, too. And I like exotic food also. It’s interesting that u can eat com hen. Isn’t it too “hot” for u?
    In my recent trip to Saigon, I saw Mon Hue Restaurants on Nguyen Trai and An Duong Vuong Sts. but didn’t try. A Hue local doesn’t go to Saigon for Hue food, huh? lol.

  3. The only Hu? dish I ever had is bún bò Hu? and I love it. There aren’t much opportunities to sample authentic Hu? food here in New Jersey. You are lucky, Kevin. Something that would probably make me hesitate to try more Hu? cuisine, however, is their proclivity for m?m ru?c (fermented shrimp paste). Still, thanks for the Món Hu? recommendation. Will definitely try it if I ever in SG.

  4. Happened upon your blog randomly. I really like Nam Giao and the two other Hue restaurants right next to it over by Cho Ben Thanh. I’ve only been in HCMC for a few days this time around but I’ve eaten there twice already, then grabbed a sinh to to go from Cho Ben Thanh.

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