Washing my motorbike


Yep, finally got around to washing my motorbike today.  It was actually a harder feat than expected.  It was difficult to find a rua xe near my house.  There used to be one in the next alleyway but they shut down.  A friend in the past who used to own a rua xe told me that it never made much money so they close down a lot.

Luckily on the canal near the two Pham Van Hai cross bridges, I found a rua xe.  Three motorbikes were ahead of me.  As I was sitting, I noticed the rain clouds approaching.  Scary.  The point was to remove all the mud and dirt from my bike 🙂

Anyway, I made it back to my house at 11 AM.  The rainstorm did not hit until 12:30 PM but luckily I was on my friend’s motorbike while mine was safe and dry at home.

My Yamaha Nouvo getting washed
My Yamaha Nouvo getting washed
My Yamaha Nouvo getting washed
The rain clouds coming
My Yamaha Nouvo getting washed
My Yamaha Nouvo being dried

It cost only 10,000 VND to wash my motorbike.  The price has really not changed much since 2004.  I can see why many rua xes are closing down.


  1. xin cao! hi. i want to buy exactly the same bike that you have. i wanna get a red yamaha nouvo RC. i just want to know where i can get the best deal since i just to to VN and don’t know anything. reading from your blog, i guess your dealer can be trustworthy. and you seem to have such high regard to your dealer.

    do you think you would be kind enough to email (poppetceldran@gmail.com) me the address and contact numbers of your dealer? my bike rental is expiring on the first week of august so i should get my new bike before turning the old one over to the owner.

    Cam on neu!

  2. I paid more money for my Nouvo. The Yamaha dealer I use is located in District 5 past the Equatorial Hotel. I forgot the address. In short, you will pay roughly 30-32 million VND for the bike plus another 1.5-2 million VND for registration.

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