Remastered Ubuntu with Vietnamese language support


    Well, I finally did it today.  I was able to remaster Ubuntu 8.04.1 with Vietnamese language support.  I used remastersys to essentially create a replica Ubuntu system from my Thinkpad to create a new bootable LiveDVD image.  I tested out the LiveDVD and scim was installed by default with working Vietnamese keyboard options.  Those of you used to unikey will have no problem adjusting to scim, they are pretty much the same thing.  VNI is included with scim.

    My remastered version of Ubuntu is about 1.1 gig and catered to my Vietnamese students.

    Thanks to Vu for getting scim to work properly on my Thinkpad and to Stephane for telling me about scim.

    I wil try to add some Vietnamese langauge documentation in the future, maybe one of my students can do that.  Everything is in Vietnamese which seems to be the preference of my students anyway.  They did not like Hacao Linux’s cluttered approach to the desktop.

    If you want a copy, just tell me.  I can burn a DVD for you over coffee 🙂