Friday Morning at a Coffeeshop


I am currently at Java Cafe in District 1 this morning.  The electricity was turned off in my area at 8 AM.  It will be turned back on roughly at 6 PM.  I guess my area will lose it’s power every Friday now.

I decided to leave my house early than I normally would on a weekday.  No fans means it gets hot quite fast in my room.  Today it is more humid than normal so I wanted to get out.  I will meet two of my students to help them install laconica today on Ubuntu.  The install was not that difficult for the intermediate Linux user and I know my students will be able to do it.

I will sit here until about 3 PM and then head home for my afternoon nap.  Got a wedding reception to attend at 6:30 PM with my American friend and his Vietnamese wife.

Until then, I will enjoy my bacon and eggs with toast.  Yeah, I have a coke here but I actually enjoy drinking a coke first before ordering an ice coffee with milk 🙂