Another new Ubuntu User in Vietnam :-)


Amazing, got another student to use Ubuntu. Actually, he chose to install Ubuntu himself which greatly impressed me. Today at AIS, I watched him install Ubuntu himself. I helped a little with the partitioning but most of the work was performed by him 🙂 There were some issues at the end. Windows Vista would not boot up but then we found out he was booting the wrong Vista partition. Everything was A okay.

Another student, after watching us, plans to install Ubuntu on his computer at home as well. This could become a new trend among my students, I hope. I hope to teach at least one more year before switching full time to my company, maybe I can get some more Linux converts 🙂

One issue that I feel that needs to be addressed in regards to Ubuntu is that they should make their CDs more country specific. For example, scim should be installed with working Vietnamese fonts as default for Vietnam. Maybe the community in Vietnam can prepare more remastersys LiveCDs with Vietnamese support in the future…

Another Vietnamese Ubuntu User

(Successful install of Ubuntu!)

Another Vietnamese Ubuntu User

(Time to update his Ubuntu system)