AIS Linux Lab Redesigned


Well, last weekend my Linux Lab at the American International School has been redesigned.  It is now less cluttered and utilizes the U-shaped design which I prefer for a computer room.  The old design made it difficult for me to manage the class as a whole.  I also could not give any one-on-one time since it was too difficult to move been the desks.

This will mean less ‘game’ time for my students since they will no longer be able to ‘hide’ behind their monitors.

Yes, some of you will see Windows XP installed on the desktops.  Well, starting with the new school year, 9-12 graders will be required to purchase the eeePC 1000.  That means most of my students will be using them in my lab instead of the desktops.  All of their eeePCs will run just Linux, not Windows.  Good news for me 🙂

American International School Linux Lab

American International School Linux Lab

I plan to spend at least one more year at AIS teaching IT.  I find it enjoyable.  It will be interesting to see what my top IT students will do with the eeePC.  I think many will have Ubuntu installed within a week.


  1. oh man, I won’t be able to play game or surf web any more. Huhuhu. I think next year I won’t have you as my IT teacher. That’s sucked. I have to do the “Media Intro” thing. ><

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