Fuel prices drop again


According to Thanh Nien News, the price of fuel for 92 octane has dropped from 18,000 VND/litter to 17,000 VND/litter.  That is the second time in a month they have lowered the price of fuel here.  I use 95 octane gas so I will most likely pay around 17,500 VND/litter.

Oddly enough, despite the last price decrease, I noticed prices for certain items being raised again.  A can of coke now costs about 5,500 VND when it just cost 5,000 VND/can a week ago (Yeah I know, it is still much cheaper than the 15,000 VND/can many restaurants still charge).  I will have to check the other items as well.  I know some people were hoping prices would drop but the reality seems to be different.

I think it would have been nice if the Vietnamese government allowed the price of fuel to stay higher. It forced many people to take the bus or switch to electric bikes.  I noticed many polluting Honda Cubs have finally started to disappear as well.  Still, the pollution is still high, I find myself wearing my mask more often than usual.

Next month, the Vietnamese government will force public officials and civil servants to ride the mass transportation at least once a week.  They will also force the ‘crazy’ bus drivers to drive more carefully.  Bus services will be increased as well.  If this plan is successful, there ‘should’ be less traffic and the roads of both HCMC and Hanoi.  They want to implement a city wide plan for all citizens by 2009.

A good idea but far from pragmatic at this point.

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