Bobby Brewers Coffee (Le Van Sy) – Big Disappointment


Well, I am back at Java Cafe in District 1.  I actually started out at the new 3-month old Bobby Brewers on Le Van Sy street near my house in the Phu Nhuan District.  I decided to try it out after passing by it so many times.

I should have just passed by as normal.  It was a big disappointment for me.

The staff was nice and ordering was easy.  Much of the same service you would expect from Bobby Brewers.  Unfortunately the pancakes that I ordered were a bit too thick and dry.   The scrambled eggs were fine but overall, I was a bit disappointed with this breakfast (Only the Black Cat in District 1 seems to be able to make some good breakfasts anymore).

The other problem with Bobby Brewers in this location is that the wifi was not working.  Actually, for me it was a big problem since I needed to get some work done.  The staff came and reset the modem about three times but it was not broadcasting.  Finally, instead of trying to get it to work, they left.

Still, it was a pleasant place to sit and relax.  I would not mind chatting there with friends.  If they are able to get the wifi to work, I can actually use this location as a temporary office as well.

Today, though, it was not the place for me to get my work done.  Instead, as I mentioned above, I headed to my favorite ‘office’ at Java Cafe 🙂

Edit: This Bobby Brewer’s location service has improved signifantly since this post.  I have visited it twice and am quite impressed with the service now.  It is a decent location to do some work, food is better, and wifi faster.


  1. Hi Kevin,Sorry to hear your experience at our new store Bobby Brewers, Le Van Sy was disappointing for you. Unfortunately, at the time you came to visit our store, I was back in Australia. After returning to HCMC after giving birth to our first child we had to rush back to Australia again 2 weeks later as my father became very ill.Now I am back here in HCMC and hopefully on top of things in the cafe. The WIFI has been upgraded to the fibre optics package and is now extremely reliable and very fast. Hopefully our food will also be able to match that of our competitors now that our kitchen staff have more experience and training.Please know that we value your feedback and are striving to make our cafe better and better. We invite you to come back and enjoy our new improved WIFI and service.Kind regards,Rebecca

  2. @Rebecca: Hi Rebecca, I actually visited this location twice after. The service is much better. I made an edit to this post. I will take some pictures on my next visit and post a new article.

    My only complaint, your staff have a tendency to turn two different radios on too loud. That’s all.

    Great job improving your service 🙂

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