Bye Bye Yahoo Mash


Well, it looked interesting when Yahoo Mash became available to everyone.  Then it just got boring.  I remember my Vietnamese friends asking for a Yahoo Mash invitation about a year ago.  In a short time roughly 72 people were added as my friends.  Then Facebook started to become popular in Vietnam, literally.  My last comment on my Yahoo Mash was seven months ago.  I have not seen a friend update their Mash in about 8 months.

Today Yahoo announced they will shut down Yahoo Mash on Sept. 9th.  For the Vietnamese market, I am curious to see how long Yahoo 360plus will last.  It had intended to move Vietnamese 360 users over but most of my Vietnamese friends are remaining with Yahoo 360 and/or getting accounts with Facebook.  Yahoo 360 is still king here but I can see Facebook dethroning it within the next couple of years, especially as a younger generation starts getting connected to the internet here.

In the meantime, it’s ‘Bye Bye’ to Yahoo Mash.