Amerasian Foundation Update


    I just referred 14 Filipino and Vietnamese Amerasian cases to five different organizations that help Amerasians for the Amerasian Foundation, a nonprofit I run online.  I got backlogged in emails this past month.  Back in 2003, I used to get 2-3 cases a day which I normally referred to Clint Haines and the Amerasian Childfind Network.  Getting just 14 cases is nice but I know Jimmy Edwards (Amerasians Looking for their Roots) and expectant mother Jenn W. (Amerasian Family Finder) get many, many more cases.

    The Amerasian Foundation does not handle searches.  Thus, when I get cases, I refer them to Clint, Jimmy and/or Jenn.  Clint and Trista Goldberg (Operation Reunite) get the Vietnamese Amerasian cases.  Jimmy and Jenn get the Filipino Amerasian cases.  I have a new contact in Thailand who can handle the Thai Amerasian cases.  The Filipino Amerasians, Thai Amerasians, and Vietnamese Amerasians make up the majority of the cases the Amerasian Foundation receives.  Japanese and Korean Amerasians make up a small minority (due to language issues).

    In the next couple months, I will have Vi, my web content editor for Vscapeone, translate the Amerasian Foundation into Vietnamese.  Both the Vietnamese and English website templates will be changed to make it more dynamic.  I want to add a Registry and Forum again which can be monitored around the world.  I am behind schedule but I will have Vi start translating next weekend.

    If anyone can help with Thai translation as well, it would be nice.  I would put off Japanese and Korean at this time.  I am not sure if Tagalog will be needed earlier.  I think Jimmy and Jenn can handle that.

    I am debating about re-incorporating the Amerasian Foundation again.  I know the Amerasian Family Finder wants to be incorporated this year.  Operation Reunite and Amerasian Childfind Network are both incorporated.  Incorporation is crucial if we ever want 501(c)3 status.  I want the status so I can help Jenn with her fundraising efforts.

    Yeah guys, I am still in it.  The Amerasian Foundation will be 5 years old in December.

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