Ordering Problem at Press Cafe


Happy Vietnam Indepence Day everyone.  As is customary for Vietnamese on a holiday, I headed to a coffee shop in the morning to meet a friend.  Today we decided to meet up at the Press Cafe in District 1 of Saigon.  Press Cafe is a nice comfortable place to chat during the morning.  My friend and I had breakfast there.  My friend ordered scrambled eggs with bread.  I wanted scrambled eggs and asked the waiter to replace the bread with rice.  My friend explained it very clearly to him in Vietnamese.

Here is what happened:

Breakfast at Saigon Press Cafe

(I ordered this)

Breakfast at Saigon Press Cafe

(I got this)

My friend asked the waiter why he brought this meal.  She was very puzzled.  He could not explain it.  Since he made it, I ended up eating it.  Some Expats would have gotten angry and returned the order.  Unfortunately, any returned order has to be paid for by the waiter (or waitress) who ends up just eating it (many people do not know this but that is how things are done in some restaurants and cafes here).  It was not bad though.


  1. Your fried rice looks good though, hehe. I take it that the fried rice doesnt taste as good as the bread with fried eggs? Hehe, you are just like most Vietnamese now, we always end up eating the food if the waiter/waitress brought the wrong food.

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