6.8% Chrome usage – SaigonNezumi.com

PCMech was reporting 5.67% Chrome usage for their blog.  I decided to check the usage for SaigonNezumi.com.  Wow, my visitors to my blog were using Chrome 6.8% of the time.  That is a big change but unfortunately, Chrome seems to be eating away from Firefox than Internet Explorer.  Safari seems to be gaining as well.  Last month, Firefox had nearly 50% usage for my blog.

Below is the usage of each browser for the last 500 visitors to SaigonNezumi.com:

1. Internet Explorer – 49.8%
2. Mozilla Firefox – 37.6%
3. Google Chrome – 6.8%
4. Apple Safari – 5.2%
5. Opera – 0.2%
6. Konqueror – 0.2%
7. Unknown – 0.2%

3 comments on “6.8% Chrome usage – SaigonNezumi.com”

  1. Tuan

    What browser is more popular in Vietnam? I always use firefox but I am really disappointed with the new 3.0 firefox.

  2. Rui

    I’ ve always used IE and FF, but I’m trying the new Chrome and I must say I’m impressed… for a Beta version it is great. I can’t wait to see the final version.

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