Sunday home with a fever

Wow, I started this post 2 hours ago, got really tired from the medicine and conked out.  Back up again but I am not sure how long for. On the way home from District 1 last night, I felt my fever coming though I already knew from the morning that I was sick.

It sometimes feels like I get sick a lot in Vietnam.  I know some Expats complain about it a lot but usually the culprits of our ills are normally attributed to our dirty air conditioners, pollution, dust, and, umm, food poisoning.  Weather changes tend to affect a lot of people, Expats and Vietnamese, a lot of times as well.  Lately people have been getting skin rashes and fevers associated with the city water.

For me, this is actually the second time I got sick enough that I needed to stay home, well at least according to my blog postings [Yes, I’m Sick and Sick Day 2, Taking me Meds]. The other times, I usually can still go out.

To deal with my fever and cold, I am taking the same ole, same ole meds the pharmacists normally give for these types of symptoms.  Vitamin C with Ameriflu and some Benadryl.  I even got something for the cough.  The Amerflu was the day formula but the Benadryl (sold as Novadril here) puts me to sleep.

Arghh, what a wasted Sunday…

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