Ubuntu is really boring me on my desktop


    Well, I have been running Ubuntu on my desktop for over a month.  In that short period of time, I found that Ubuntu is just not for me.  I love it on my Thinkpad, do not get me wrong but on my desktop, I need something different.

    I miss not having to edit something, really.  I even stopped developing on my desktop.  Weird since many developers gave up Gentoo or other distros so they could have a stable system.

    Isn’t is strange that I could get a server to run on Gentoo, Arch, or FreeBSD, but not on Ubuntu.  Seriously, this is not right.  Ubuntu is supposed to make things easier for me.  That’s what all the Ubuntu users tell me.

    To be honest, I got a lot of things done when I was running Gentoo and FreeBSD systems.  Arch Linux opened up a new world to me as well though I preferred to do things the Gentoo/BSD way.  If it wasn’t for that bad battery in my motherboard, I would probably still be running either PC-BSD or Gentoo now.

    Right now I need a stable system to get Django to run properly.  For me, that means doing it with Gentoo, possibly with FreeBSD.

    Will I give up on Ubuntu, no way.  As I mentioned many times, Ubuntu is the choice of users in Vietnam. I still need to use it but if I want to go back to my geek roots, I got to use Gentoo again.

    I am not a distro hopper, I am just a Gentoo ‘jump back and forth-er’ 🙂


    1. As a friend used to yell at broken down motorists as he rolled by in his silver Lark, “Get a Studebaker!”

      …In this case I might yell, “Get a Mack!”

      And it will not turn out to be the Studebaker of computers (beautifully designed but unstable)

      On the popularity of the iPod and iPhone in Vietnam, Apple sellers (authorized) are popping up all around HCMC and I don’t think that love will take long to transfer to the computer line.

      Mac may well be the next choice in Op systems for Vietnam, not Linux.

    2. Seriously David, are you dreaming? For the general population, Macs are out of reach. Ubuntu is the way to go for developing countries.

      Kevin, you are so geeky :). I used to enjoy playing around with Red hat, compiling kernels and installing stuffs from source. Those were the days…

    3. @David: There are more Ubuntu users in Vietnam than Macs. Number of Ubuntu users will just increase. There is no way Apple can take a lead over Linux in a Window’s dominated Vietnam.

      @Anh Hung: I leave Gentoo and just return eventually. It is the first distro that got me to Gentoo. I like Arch but I am Gentoo at heart. I do not call it a geeky distro, it is just the one I can run 🙂

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