Time to get a bicycle for a healthier lifestyle

Yes, I really am thinking about it.  I am not fat, really, I’m not but recently several students and significant friends have been calling me Mr. Bung Bu (Big Belly) 🙂  Yeah, I find it funny but my weight gain the last three years are actually in my legs, not stomach.  With the recent craze for bicycles in Saigon, I am beginning to think maybe it is time for me to get a bicycle.

In the past I never consistently rode a bicycle due to the hills (Seattle).  With my bad knees (I injured both in the Marines), I need a level area to ride a bike.  Luckily Saigon is fairly level, minus the bridges.

I will have to get some riding clothes too.  No way will I ride a bike to work in slacks, shirt and tie 🙂

I will try to look for a new bike in the coming weeks.  I will let you all know what happens.

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  1. http://n-hero.blogspot.com/

    This is a valid concern. I used to have quite a big belly, which made me look a bit fat. Friends and my sister started to call me … pig (heo), which freaked me out. I’ve been eating less and less and am good shape now. Thanks god!

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Remember, all fat people in Vietnam, well most, would be considered skinny in the US. I think there are too many skinny people in Vietnam 🙂

    Again, I just want to tone out my legs to make them feel better 🙂 Do you ride a bike?

  3. Clifton

    Sounds like a great idea for many reasons, including the immediate health benefits and also for the long term. The small environmental benefit along with the money savings will surely add up over time.

    You are also a role model as a younger, cool, hip teacher, like it or not, so your positive examples will probably have a lasting influence on many others.

  4. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @Clifton: Actually, in this case, it is the students who are the role models 🙂 I hope to get a bike this week if things work out right meaning, I am free.

    @Anh Hung: That is a long commute but if Saigon makes changes to it’s traffic system in the future, it will be possible again. Saigon needs some good bike trails.

    @Mike: 1000 word essay on Respect due Tueday!!!

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