Chrome down, Firefox Up


    Big change since I posted 6.8% Chrome usage –  Firefox and Safari usages has increased significantly for this week. This is the first time I have seen Firefox obtain over 50 percent on my blog. Normally Internet Explorer racks up nearly 50 percent or over usage for

    Chrome dropped by still getting about 2.6 percent usage for the last 500 visitors. Not bad.
    Here are the current stats:

    1. Mozilla Firefox – 53.6%
    2. Internet Explorer – 35.6%
    3. Apple Safari – 8.4%
    4. Google Chrome – 2.6%
    5. Opera – 0.8%

    Things are changing…


    1. Well, not surprised. Chrome is about raising people awareness that there are other alternatives to IE. Since Chrome is not that great, some will switch back to Firefox and other IE users will switch too :D. I guess Firefox will be benefiting from thing Google vs MS browser competition.

    2. After a week of going back and forth between Chrome and Firefox I am now using Chrome the whole time. I must admit whenever I go back over to Firefox now it seems bulky and slow. Obviously the best thing about Firefox is the plugins available. I am sure Google will be improving Chrome over the next few months and years, as they do with all their products. That is what I am waiting for!

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