Fighting Bronchitis


A Vietnamese doctor prescribed some more medicine today.  I should have done it last weekend.  My cold subsided but the coughing did not.  With the current cold climate and pollution, my coughing cold worse, not better.  The air conditioners everywhere made me cough as well.

This is what you get for not having a very healthy lifestyle in Vietnam.  Finally it all is catching up to me.  I should know better being a former Marine.

During the weekend, I plan to get a new bicycle.  Time to cut out Coca Cola, fast food, etc.  In my new house, I will get a housekeeper, if I can get a new roommate, to cook Vietnamese food for me.  Just some simple things in life.

I miss Yoga, it has been awhile.  I am ready to go back soon.  I miss weightlifting as well.

Time to get my healthy lifestyle back.  If I get bronchitis, I only have myself to blame. 🙂


  1. Dude, you get sick all the time. In my nearly two years here, with all the constant breathing of recycled airplane oxygen, I’ve gotten sick once, and that was from a nasty case of baba-itis. I.e. don’t drink the turtle blood.

    Perhaps you need a new NeoX mask or whatever that thing is called.

  2. Hahaha, I agree! All I ever get is a runny nose from too much AC, or a hacking cough from too much dust. Well at least you can make more blog entries from your bed. I expect 2 to 3 blog entries from you everyday. Somebody has to entertain me!

  3. @D: Well it is quite simple, when my students are sick, I am sick. When I am away from the educational environment, I tend to be healthier.

    I do wear that particular brand of mask 🙂

    @Yon: Your subscription is about up. What was your credit card number and expiration date again? 🙂

  4. Sorry that you are feeling poorly. Try getting some Vicks Vapo Rub and rubbing your chest and throat before going to bed. It always works for me. It really loosens everything up. Good Luck.

  5. “A Vietnamese doctor prescribed some more medicine today. I should have done it last weekend.” <= too bad, you should take the medicine on time. I can feel how bad your cold is while we were in Twitter gathering.

  6. @Mike: Well, people tend to think I am sick alot, actually I get really sick once or twice a year. The allergies and food poisoning get me the rest of the year. I am now recovering though I still cough a lot 🙂

    @ChiP;: Last Sunday the air conditioner made me cough a lot. That is why I went outside to breath the humid air. It made me feel better. I almost left. Now I am getting better. I will eat some honey everyday know to avoid the colds. Happy Birthday!

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