Browser Wars Update – Google Chrome back up

Just checked the stats for the browser usage of the last 500 visitors.  Firefox still leads followed by a slipping Internet Explorer.  Chrome made a comeback and I think it is here to stay.  That number should climb among Linux users in the future.

Current browser usages followed by last week’s usage:

1. Mozilla Firefox – 50.6% (53.6%)
2. Internet Explorer – 34.8 (35.6%)
3. Google Chrome – 5.4% (2.6%)
4. Apple Safari – 5.0% (8.4%)
5. Opera – 3.6% (0.8%)
6. Konqueror – 0.6% (0.0%)

6 comments on “Browser Wars Update – Google Chrome back up”

  1. david

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  2. Tracy Reed

    From what I have read it is going to be a while before Chrome is available for Mac and even longer for Linux. 🙁 Their implementation so far is rather Windows specific.

  3. mark

    k. thanks, tracy. you would think, though, they would have included us other OS users.
    too bad.
    I’ll hang with firefox.

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