Com Tam Cali – Saigon


Well, Noodlepie is probably wondering why I have not blogged about the restaurants I eat in Saigon for awhile.  I just forget to take some pictures of the meals I eat.

Last week I visited Com Tom Cali in District 1 of Saigon.  I know D (VA to VN) blogged about Com Tom Cali back in March but quite honestly, I had no idea the restaurant existed until about  month ago.  I know of two locations in Saigon, both in District 1.

My verdict, Com Tom Cali is actually a very nice restaurant to visit.  Yeah, the meal proportions may be smaller than many Westerners would like but for me, it was fine.  I need to diet anyway.  The service was great and prices were not bad.  I paid about 130,000 VND for two rice dishes and some drinks (one for my friend).

For those who do not know, Cali is short for California.

Saigon Com Tam Cali Vietnamese Food

(Place mat for Com Tam Cali)

Saigon Com Tam Cali Vietnamese Food

(Dining Area)

Saigon Com Tam Cali Vietnamese Food

(My shrimp dish)


  1. Welcome to last March! Haha, just giving ya a tweak.

    Did you know that Pho24 now offers Com Tam as well? I haven’t been there in a few months, so I’m not sure when they did it, but I noticed the new menu offering on my last visit.

    My favorite Com Tam place are the local chains catering to the local populace and located in the outlying districts, like 10 and 9 (Thu Duc) and Binh Thanh. But I don’t like them enough to trek out there.

  2. Jesus! 130,000 vnd for a dish and a couple of drinks!? Thanks for being a cause for inflation in Vietnam, dude! (i.e. those foreigners really love to dump their pockets for us)

  3. The presentation look really nice for the dish. I am one of those guys who don’t care too much for food presentation :). As long as they taste good, who care what they look like before i put them in my mouth.
    Btw, congrats on the gf. I didn’t know you have one ;p.

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