Google Hackathon (November 4th) – Saigon, Vietnam


This one has been in the works for a couple months now.  Google will hold its first Hackathon (DevFest) in Saigon on November 4th.  It is a free event and includes free food and refreshments 🙂

The location of the event will be at the University of Technology.  Yours truly played a small part in refering UT to the organizers for this event 🙂  The event will run from 1 PM until about 10 PM.  You will need to sign up at the URI provided below:

Be sure to bring your laptops, WiFi will be available at the venue.

The BarCamp Saigon organizers will also be promoting the first BarCamp Saigon at this event so be sure to find us if you interested in this event.

Google Hackathon Saigon, Vietnam