BarCamp Saigon Venue Candidate – SaigonTech


This week the BarCamp Saigon organizers will finally select the venue for next month’s BarCamp here in Ho Chi Minh City.  Over a week ago, Anh Hung and I visited the Saigon Institute of Technology (SaigonTech) Cong Hoa campus. SaigonTech is a private university providing IT training to Vietnamese students.  They have an affiliation with the Houston Community College System which allows Vietnamese students to earn a 2 year AA American degree in Vietnam.

SaigonTech has been the only venue candidate that is supportive of BarCamp Saigon.  Ms. Huong, the office manager, and I have known each other for nearly 3 years.  If we chose SaigonTech, we will get all the support we need to host the barcamp event there.

SaigonTech’s Cong Hoa campus is air conditioned but there are no elevators.  The building design is typical Vietnamese architecture which means it is very narrow and tall.  I think there are around 6-7 floors.

Here are pictures of the rooms:

SaigonTech BarCamp Saigon venue candidate

(Large classroom seats 50 but we can accommodate up to 80 I think)

SaigonTech BarCamp Saigon venue candidate

(Another view of the large classroom)

SaigonTech BarCamp Saigon venue candidate

(A smaller classroom – seats about 30)

SaigonTech BarCamp Saigon venue candidate

(Sorry guys, no elevators, you will be walking)

Tuesday night will be announce the venue for BarCamp Saigon.