Water skiing in Saigon


Yes guys, you read the title right.  Today I saw some people water skiing on the Saigon River.  I was a bit surprised since I for one would not even dare putting his hand in the Saigon River.  I guess these guys are braver than me but it looks like a load of fun.

Waterskiing in Saigon

Waterskiing in Saigon


  1. Someone wrote to me a while back talking about how Japanese ships refuse to dock in Saigon because the river might rust/rot the hull – something to do with the chemical make up of the sludge… I guess these guys didn’t get the memo.

  2. @Graham: I read about that too. Of course, when an article like this is published, there never is a follow up…

    @Ken: That is what I was thinking yet there are still signs of life in the river. I saw fish jumping in the river as I was taking these pictures. Still, I would not want to take a dip in this river, not for 10 years at least…

  3. well,it looks pretty fun, but it would be horrible to be swimming in that water. But eventually, i do hope that the river gets cleaned up more, so that such activity is more acceptable since saigon really lacks water sports area. it is not surprising that there are fishes in that river, it is a flowing and relatively oxygenated (?) fresh water. i guess it looks terribe cos of the muddy river bed and that all the surface water drains into this river, and all those rubbish that everyone throws into the drains here.

  4. I water skied in the Saigon River in 1967 while serving with the US Army. Fell several times (too much beer?) and couldn’t help swallowing the water. Had diarrhea for 3 days after.

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