Gasoline prices dropping in Vietnam


Gasoline prices dropped yet again last Saturday.  50,000 VND ($3.03 US) is beginning to fill up my gas tank again.  It now costs about 15,500 VND (94 cents US) for 1 liter of 92-octane gasoline and 16,000 VND (97 cents US) for 1 liter of 95-octane gasoline.

This is great news for the average Vietnamese motorbike commuter.  Back in July, 2008, the price of A92 gasoline was around 19,000 VND ($1.15 US).

The negative is that there seems to an increase of the old, less fuel-efficient, motorbikes making their way back on the roads again 🙁

Gasoline Prices drop in Saigon, Vietnam


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