Strange Accident this morning


This morning I was headed to Pham Ngu Lao to meet an American friend who arrived from Kazakhstan via Thailand.  I headed out of my house at about 8:10 AM knowing that I would hit the traffic jam along the canal.

Yeah, it was heavily congested.  I was following a woman on her Honda motorscooter.  All of a sudden, I saw her handle bars and front wheel turn then watched the backend of her bike skid on it’s side.  She fell down right in front of me but I braked in time.

A guy in the distance ran to help her.  We both lifted her scooter up and this is what was strange about the accident.  For one, there was a chuhuahua chained to her scooter and I suspect the chain somehow locked the front brakes of her bike.  Then, as I was helping the man lift the scooter, he tries to put in on the kickstand.  Only problem, the kickstand was not down.  My bike was actually blocking me from going around to put the kickstand down.

I then had to fight to keep the bike up and balanced.  The woman grabs the scooter’s handlebars, thanks the man and then tries to put the bike on the kickstand again.  Again, I had to struggle to keep the scooter up until she realized that the kickstand was not down.

Yeah, it was strange 🙂

The chihuahua was fine but fell down AFTER we lifted the motorbike up…


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