Saigon – One of the Most Beautiful Cities in the World

I have lived in many cities and towns around the world.  Istanbul, Turkey, with all of it’s historical cathedrals and mosques is one of my favorites.  Almaty, Kazakhstan, a city I really wanted to call home at one time, is of of my other favorites.  Both Almaty and Istanbul are very beautiful cities but in the end, though, it’s Saigon that I would call home.

Saigon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  There, I said it!  Below are some pictures I took recently from the new bridge connect Binh Thanh District to District 2:

Beautifu; Saigon, Vietnam

(A new bridge over the Saigon River from the Binh Thanh District)

Beautifu; Saigon, Vietnam

(A view of District 1 from the new bridge over the Saigon River)

Beautifu; Saigon, Vietnam

(A view of District 2)

Beautifu; Saigon, Vietnam

(A golf shooting range in the distant)

Beautifu; Saigon, Vietnam

(Another view of District 1)

Beautifu; Saigon, Vietnam

(A lot of new buildings are springing up, The Manor in the distant)

8 comments on “Saigon – One of the Most Beautiful Cities in the World”

  1. Graham

    You almost had me for a minute… Saigon’s beauty is not obvious, but exists in tiny pockets 🙂

    BTW – have they done anything with that concrete monstrosity/half finished something slap bang in the centre of town between the New World Hotel and the backpacker area? Has been a dump since at 1996 and has never been cleared up as far as I know.

  2. D

    That is the new Thu Thiem bridge.. finished about 6 months ago for traffic.

    And you’re obviously not a golfer – it’s a golf driving range, not a golf shooting range. If you want golf + shooting, go play golf at Vietnam Golf and Country Club (aka Thu Duc), where they have an artillery field next door. Blast your drives as you hear grenades going off!

    Golf is too bougie for you, Kev. You’re a man of the peeps.

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    No D, it is a golf shooting range to me aiming behind my rifle 🙂 Actually, I was thinking was it was called. I hate golf you know…

    @Graham: That concrete heap is still there. A big eye sore.

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