Tan Phu District Deluge


Yesterday afternoon, there was a huge rainstorm in the Tan Phu District area.  It lasted about one and a half hours.  I was at my friends house during most of the rainfall.  Then I decided to journey out which was a big mistake.  My normal 15 minute commute took me roughly one hour.  Most of the main roads were flooded in Tan Phu.

I am impressed with my new Yamaha Nouvo since it dealt with the flood waters very well.  I ended falling a line of motorbikes which eventually led me to Dem Sen Park in District 11.  It was strange how District 10 and 11 seemed to have missed the storm.  It was just sprinking there.

Rumor is flying that Saigon will be as flooded as Hanoi last week with an upcoming storm expected to arrive during the middle of this week.  In case you have not seen the pictures of the flood, VietnamNet Bridge has provided some good articles and pictures:

Below is my only shot of the rainstorm in Tan Phu yesterday:

Rainstorm in the Tan Phu District, Saigon, Vietnam

(Water rising in an alleyway located in the Tan Phu District)