Vietnam approves dual citizenship for Expats and Overseas Vietnamese

Starting next July, 2009, Expats and Overseas Vietnamese following certain criterias will be allowed dual citizenship in Vietnam.  Yes, I said Expats.  If an Expat marries a Vietnamese national, they can become a Vietnamese citizen.  Those who lived in Vietnam for at least 5 years, or those who speak Vietnamese, can also become dual citizens with Vietnam.

Quite interesting.

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5 comments on “Vietnam approves dual citizenship for Expats and Overseas Vietnamese”

  1. Long

    I wonder what kind of “fee” one pays to apply for VN citizenship.

    Kevin, thanks for the link. At the bottom of the page,

    “Karaoke and golf services will be taxed 30 percent and 20 percent respectively.”

    Huh? I guess karaoke is a luxury in VN. Damn, I got to watch my karaoke habit.

  2. never in a million years

    no way would i consider having a VN citizenship even if they accepted dual. The ramifications to me are too risky, i dont see any real benefits regarding my rights as a human.

    So what if i can buy property or a house, that i can do without having to become a citizen.

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