Typhoon Noul Approaching Saigon


Typhoon Noul Approaches Vietnam

I got the warning that Typhoon Noul was approaching Saigon before lunch today.  At that time my friend told me that I should be home by 5 PM since the rain was supposed to be heavy at that time.  I decided to play it safe and just expected it to be a rainstorm.  As I got home, my school called to cancel classes for tomorrow.

I then checked online.  Thanh Nien News reported that the storm will hit the coast near Camau at about 1 PM tomorrow.  That means Saigon will feel the affects of the storm early tomorrow morning.  The Typhoon’s path will go directly across the Mekong Delta but the fury of the storm will be felt here.

Hopefully the storm surge will not hold back the Saigon River or Saigon will be in trouble.  The evening high tides has flooded parts of the city the last 4-5 days.  Expect heavy street flooding at the level of Hanoi tomorrow evening as the high tide returns.

This will be my 4th Typhoon in Asia but my first in Vietnam.

Stay safe and dry.  Do not go out into the streets.

Edit: The storm changed course and headed north and will make landfall near Nha Trang.  Saigon is still expecting some flooding tomorrow morning but overall, the city escaped a big one.


  1. Hi! Mr. Kevin, remember to charge ur ipod, cellphone, laptop, etc. cuz i heard there will be no electricity tomorrow :-(. Tommy is busy cuz of his business about selling boat, 4million VND each one. God bless us! 😉

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