openSocial Hackathon and Barcamp Hanoi 2009

Fresh off the press from the eXo Platform website.  There will be an openSocial Hackathon next month and a tentative plan for Barcamp Hanoi 2009.

The openHackathon will take place on December 13, 2008, at the eXo office in Hanoi.  This event is co-organized by eXo Platform and Jason Vu‘s Webpal.  You will need to register for this event, only 50 seats are available.

Go to the eXo Platform website for more information on the openHackathon event in Hanoi.

Exo Platform also made an announcement about Barcamp Hanoi 2009.  Jason mentioned to me they were organizing it as well.  Go to the following URI for more information about the next Barcamp in Hanoi:

Barcamp Hanoi

2 comments on “openSocial Hackathon and Barcamp Hanoi 2009”

  1. lai san

    Hey, this is unrelated but I just bought an eeePC and I need some advice from you.. very new to this lunix thingy… trying hard to find programs like pdf cute printer and stuff…

    so you free this sat afternoon? know you busy with wedding and stuff but this will help you in the new book?? haha

    give me a call!

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    I recommend you run Ubuntu eee. I can install it as a partition with my LiveUSB. You can get everything running. My students are using it on their EeePCs.

    I should be free after 4PM. I work until about then.

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