(Memory Post) Constructions Woes Finally Over :-)


Another memory post from Vietnam.  This was one of my main popular entries regarding the construction in my alleyway that lasted nearly a year.  From 2008 until early 2009, living in this alleyway was a nightmare.  The constant noise and dust drove me crazy.  I miss these days and I miss my old house which I left in 2010 when I moved to District 1.  I have a lot of memories in this alleyway.  When I return to Saigon, I always drive by this alleyway.  On my next visit, next month, I will return and take some pictures.  I want to see what has happened since I left.

2 Years Ago

Saigon Phu Nhuan Alleyway Construction

10 Months Ago

Saigon Phu Nhuan Alleyway Construction

8 Months Ago

Saigon Phu Nhuan Alleyway Construction

1 Month Ago

Saigon Phu Nhuan Alleyway Construction

Today!!! (2008)

Saigon Phu Nhuan Alleyway Construction

Last night, the road workers finally paved the entire alleyway throughout the night. It was loud and my house smells like asphalt, but heck, we got our alleyway back! 🙂 Now I can thoroughly clean my house again and keep it clean…

Now what am I supposed to blog about?? Yes, I really had no idea what to blog about after this. 🙂


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. I always wished I could visit there. I remember as a teenager I would throw a dart at a map of Vietnam and plan my trips to the area it would land it.

    Thanks again for posting.

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  2. @Phuonglg: Yeah, a big relief. I am surprised, not much traffic going by due to the canal construction 🙂

    @Ted: Better visit Vietnam now before it changes. It is developing quite fast. The cyclopad, food vendors, etc., will be banned in Saigon this summer changing the face of the city forever.

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