Will I return to Kazakhstan?

It has been 9 years since I last visited Kazakhstan when I was working with Accels in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  A lot has changed since then.  My youngest students have since graduated from their universities and now work as young business men and women across the country.  Several have even flown and visited the US.

I do miss Kazakhstan sometimes.  It is quite peaceful.  I really love the steppe and mountains.

I have been offered a position in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  It is quite tempting in fact.  I still have several months to decide but I know I will have to refuse the offer for personal reasons.  I will still be able to return on business trips but a part of me would like to return permenantly.  I guess you just have to live there to understand.

Below are two recent YouTube videos of Karatau, my Peace Corps site, and Taraz, the city closest to Karatau (about 100 km away).  Karatau and Taraz have changed a lot since I last saw them.

Karatau, Kazakhstan

Taraz, Kazakhstan

Some of you in Saigon will be able to meet one of my Kazakh students on New Years.  He plans to take a short trip next month to visit Vietnam.

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  1. Andy

    If I were you I’d visit the place just to know if you would really like it first rather than a feeling of remembering some good souvenirs. Sure it`s great there but missing 5 years of HCM and you will have that same separation anxiety from a city and people who have charmed you.

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