WordPress 2.7 Release Delayed – Good move


    WordPress announced that they we be delaying the release of 2.7 which I consider a good move.

    From the WordPress Blog:

    There comes a time in every WordPress release when it’s ready for the world , to come out of its cocoon and feel the light of the world on its wings for the first time.

    WordPress 2.7 RC1 was a bit buggy.  The popular plug-ins have not been successfully ported over from 2.6 to 2.7.  Twitter Updater and Kimili are both broken.  I have problems uploading images with the Admin GUI forcing me to manually edit the HTML.

    That is not the developers fault though, it is mine.  I did test the last beta version of 2.7 before the release candidates with no problem.  For me, most of the bugs appeared with RC1.

    RC2 has been released which should be more stable but for most people, just wait for stable 2.7 or test it on another test blog.  It is nice and I love the features I can use so far.

    Read more about the delay and RC2 here -> http://wordpress.org/development/2008/12/27-release-candidate-two/


    1. I was running WP 2.7 RC1 on my blog. It’s unstable. I get error messages almost everytime I post a new entry or update it. It becomes noticeably slow when I type so I think it must be heavier than 2.6.5. Other than that, I’m happy with 2.7 🙂

      • Hey Hung, overall WordPress 2.7 is stable. The Beta version ran fine. You should check your plugins. Try deactivating your plugins and then test out posting an entry. I expect it to work with little problems.

        Then gradually activate each plugin to see which one causes the problem and then keep it deactivated.

        Do not worry, I made the same mistake too 🙂

    2. I upgraded my weblog to 2.7 RC1 last weekend as well. I like the new user interface a lot. Of course, I encountered some error posting a new entry; was trying a few times to successfully publish it. Also, it’s pretty slow loading the dashboard than its previous version. Just hope the new stable version will fix all these.

      I actually don’t update to a not-final version WordPress, but I seem to like to the new graphics more than anything to give a try.

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